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Airconditioning & Refrigeration

Air-conditioners and refrigerators have become an integral part of life, so intertwined with our day – to – day routine, that we can imagine our daily life without them, be it at home or office, malls or theatres, cars or mass transport. It's also a common logic that, more the people, more the diseases and more the appliances, more the repair. As on date, with the mercury soaring year after year, these are no more summer appliances but are all-the-year-round ones and the installation and repair of these appliances are a perennial occupational opportunity and a fish for life.

We at PSA, impart skills that would make the students a complete professional equipped with the vocational skills of installation, maintenance and repair of the air-conditioners and refrigerators and make them the most-sought-after professionals, with tons of opportunities.