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Computer Hardware

Like various historic and pre-historic ages that the mankind has lived trough, today, we live in an age called the “Computer – age”. If the debate is about the greatest invention of mankind, then the clear winner is the Computer, ahead of the wheel, electricity or mobile phones. Computers in their various forms (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, etc) have become an extension of our life, that without them, the entire world would be just paralyzed. Be it for the academics, productivity, entertainment or utilities, there is nothing without computers.  If computer is the brain, networking is the nervous system. From connectivity to access, the role of networking is pivotal and it is the vital tool for global knowledge dissemination.

We at PSA, have developed advanced computer training courses, in tune with the latest technology, and impart skills to the students about the assembly, repair and maintenance of the hardware with basic and essential software skills including networking.