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Companies Bill 2012 mandates CSR by Sections 134, 135, Schedule III and Schedule VII of the Companies Bill 2012. The sections 134 and 135 are part of Chapter IX on Accounts of Companies.

Mandatory Reporting- the Section 134, under subsection 3, clause (o) states that there shall be attached to (Financial) statements laid before a company in general meeting, a report by its Board of Directors, which shall include the details about the policy developed and implemented by the company on corporate social responsibility initiatives taken during the year.

Subsection (1) of Section 135 of the Companies Bill 2012 defines the companies for whom formation of a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board is mandatory.

As per the same, every company having net worth of INR 500 crore (INR 5 billion) or more, or turnover of INR 1,000 crore (INR 10 billion) or more or a net profit of INR 5 crore (INR 50 million) or more during any financial year.