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Currently PSA provides the following skill courses:

Internet Of Things  (IOT)

  The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve and expand in terms of the number of companies,       products, and applications that illustrate just how beneficial it is becoming to connect our devices,       appliances, homes, and vehicles together. Some companies like Nest have led the way and are becoming   instantly recognizable.

 Waiting in the wings are numerous IoT companies you may not yet be familiar with but that could enhance   how you work and live like these  innovative IoT firms and products.

Computer Hardware

This is an advanced course, which trains the students mainly how to assemble a Personal Computer (PC), troubleshooting with operating system, networking with another PC, operating system installation, troubleshooting with hardware components.

Solar & Windmills

This training give you hands on experience on complete solar equipments and windmills about their system engineering and trains the students to independently take up system installation and after sales service along with preventive maintenance.

Air-Conditioner & Refrigeration

This course supports mainly how to install, servicing and repairing of air-conditioning and refrigeration.

Teacher Training

This course is designed to equip prospective teachers with the knowledge, attitude and essential skills to perform in the classrooms and schools.


This course will give ideas about the various electronics components like resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors and trouble shooting radio receivers, tape recorder systems, CD players and television sets and their repair.

Mobile Phones

This training will equip the student to qualify and function as a mobile phone service technician independently as a professional. Gives support for troubleshooting with the hardware and software functions of all kinds of mobiles in the market.

Networking & Storage

This course gives complete knowledge and training on Networking & Storage devices and their operation. Gives support for troubleshooting the connectivity and functions for all kinds of Network & Storage devices.

 Retail sales

This training will equip sales people to become professionals and provide a standardized structure to assure maximized sales and profitability performance. Give more ideas about the current market updates with the products and companies.