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 Skill Enhancement Program, Kumarabhadra - Skill Development for a Wholesome Youth

One of the recent survey of India today states that “Young India lacks soft skills”. The importance of soft skills is often undervalued and less training is provided on it in educational institutions. Having identified this gap which challenges the students we would like to offer different courses which would help to bridge this gap and equip them with necessary people skills to become an empowered individual.

Our Skill Enhancement program design deals with personal, social, communication, and self-management behaviors and traits: being self-aware, trustworthiness, conscientiousness, adaptability, critical thinking, attitude, initiative, empathy, confidence, integrity, self-control, organizational awareness, Decision Making & Problem solving, leadership, time management.

These Bundle of Skills which helps a person to Perform a Task better in a more satisfying way to make a person to perform a task with Better understanding of who, where, when, what, how and with whom a job can be executed to deliver the best expected Result in perfect timing