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My name is A.Khaleel. I have two sisters and a brother. We are doing a small scale commission business. In that business we faced a lot of problems and couldn’t concentrate properly. I studied well but I could not get loan from the bank. The banks felt that i cannot repay the loan amount as i am physically challenged. I haven’t done any technical course. Usually, in normal institutions they omit the physically challenged people. But somehow I came to know about Providers Skill Academy training program for physically challenged people and I joined here for Mobile Servicing Course. Now i work hard at Lakshmi Mobiles, Vellore and have a permanent income. This course is very useful for me even now. Thanks to Providers Skill Academy.


Hi, my name is Suresh. I live in Vellore. My father is a coolie. When I was doing schooling I met with an accident and lost my leg and I became physically challenged. I was trying to get some job but everyone refused to recruit me as I am physically challenged. I lost hope and never thought that I could come up in life. It was then that I heard that the Provider Skills Academy offers Mobile course for physically challenged candidates. I studied the course. My confident levels has increased. I feel freedom and i am not depending on others. I am working for Lakshmi Mobiles at Vellore earning more than Rs.6000/- per month. Now I feel that I can even start a business of my own. I am very happy. Every day, I get the chance of meeting so many people and get exposure. Thanks a lot, Providers Skills Academy, for giving this opportunity.


Hello my name is Sabeel. I am from Vellore. I have two brothers and a sister, My father is working as coolie and he earns very less. As am physically challenged I couldn't support my family. I did not have any technical knowledge. I joined Providers Skill Academy for the Mobile Course. Now, I own a shop and i am earning more than Rs.10,000/- month. I support my family with my income. All my friends are approaching me if they have any doubts and i feel so happy about it. Thanks for the kind help, Providers Skills Academy.


Hi, my name is Venkata Chalapathy. I am 35 years old and studied till 10th std. I am married and have two kids. I am physically challenged. My father has a shop and earns Rs.400/- each day. Everyone abuse me as am jobless. Then I heard about the Job oriented Mobile and Electronic course. Every day, my confident level has got increased. Now am working in Arul Electronics Pvt Ltd Company and earn more than Rs.3000/- per month. And when I get time I service the phones of my neighbours. This program completely changed my life. All credits goes to Providers Skills Academy. I thank them a lot.


Hi, my name is Dharani, I studied B.Com and i live in Ponneri. My father is a farmer and i am affected by polio. My father earns Rs.500/- every day. My mother is a housewife. My parents worried about me as I didn’t get job anywhere. Then I heard about this Electronic & Cell phone training program and I joined it. Every day, I came to this course happily and the trainers’ encouraged me very well. I got placed in Arul Electronics Pvt Ltd Company and earn more than Rs.3000/- per month. I even work on weekends and in my spare time and earn Rs.300/- to Rs.400/- every week. Now my family is very happy about this job. I thank Providers Skills Academy for giving me this golden opportunity.


Hi, my name is Vinu Chakravarthy. I have studied till 10th grade. Due to some personal issues I couldn’t continue my studies. My father is working as coolie and he earns very less. Even I can’t try for any jobs because I studied only till my 10th grade. I came to know about this course and I studied Mobile course and Electronic course at Providers Skill Academy. After the completion of this course I have joined in Sony now and i am earning more than Rs.10,000/- per month. Thanks to Providers Skills Academy.


Hi, I am Deepan and i studied Hardware and Networking course through Providers Skill Academy. Now i own a company called Deetech Solution earning more than Rs.30,000/- month. The training was very good. It helped me to come up in life.


Hi, My name is Darwin. I studied mobile and service course. My father is working as postman. I studied Diploma in Mobile and service at Providers Skill Academy. Now I work in a mobile shop called My Dream Mobile as a Mobile service mechanic. Providers Skills Academy made my dream come true; I never thought I would become a successful person in my life. Am earning more than Rs.15,000/- per month I personally thank Providers Skills Academy.


Hello My name is Mohan. I have done my Diploma in Mobile Service. My father’s working as a coolie. Becoming a very good personality in the society was a day dream for me. After joining Providers Skill Academy my dream became true. Now i own a shop in Chennai earning more than Rs.25,000/- per month. Thanks to Providers Skills Academy.


Hi, My name is M.Santhosh Kumar. My father is working with farm fertilizers. I have completed 12th std. I studied diploma in mobile service at Providers Skill Academy and I got placed through Providers Skill Academy at Royal Computers with a good and permanent income. Thanks you so much for providing this opportunity and making my life a meaningful one.


Hi, I am Vinayagam, I have done schooling till std 10th. Then i was trained by Providers Skill Academy. I studied Diploma in Mobile Phone Repair. Now i am working for a company called Quadsel systems Pvt Ltd with handsome pay of Rs.25,000/- per month. I got placed through this course. This course made my life a meaningful one. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart to Providers Skill Academy.